>>> "Does it make my heart flutter?" asked Feynman. I hope it does.
>>> Pidato Kebudayaan Ahmad Tohari: Membela dengan Sastra. Tuhan tidak perlu dibela, tapi nilai-nilai keadaban harus diperjuangkan. >>> 
>>> Kiai Sahal dan realisme fikih.
>>> A head-turning turning head, art installation by Markus Raetz.
>>> This seems to be the hottest biotechnology news very early this year: easy stem cells synthesis.
>>> Every two years or so, we hear something about some breakthrough in biofuel (Heck, that's the title of my project!) This time it's Boeing. I've grown skeptical of this New Jatropha thingy, although jet fuel is probably a better option compared with car diesel. And whatever happen to KLM flies on cooking oil?
>>> In memoriam: Soe Hok Gie by Ben Anderson.
>>> Belajar dari sejarah: Qur'an tidak bicara sendiri.
>>> 33 film Indonesia terpenting 2000-2009 versi RumahFilm.
>>> Din, syariah, dan akhlak: hukum islam yang tetap dan yang berubah.
>>> Jeffrey Winters on Semua-Salah-Orba(TM) [f]
>>> Every country leads the world in something. A quick reference. [f]
>>> On how the Dutch kids become the happiest kids in the world. A bit myopic, though. The comments are more interesting. [f]
>>> Douglas Adams answering questions about life, the universe, and everything.
>>> Are you hated by the Daily Mail? Me? HATED. [f]